Copenhagen Fairy Tales

Guided tours of Copenhagen in small groups. Copenhagen Fairy Tales offer bike tours and guided city walks

Copenhagen Fairy Tales is a sightseeing tour agency based in Copenhagen. They provide guided bike and walking tours throughout the year.

They focus on giving you a local and personal experience through tours in small groups as well as completely private tours.

If you want to really get out and see the most of Copenhagen, a bike tour is a great choice. By bike, you will experience the main attractions of the city as your guide will lead you through the sights and the traffic in style and tell you about the points of interest.

On their walking tours, you will walk through the coolest neighborhoods in town and discover secret gardens, courtyards and hidden churches. The focus is on undiscovered parts of the city, while walking backstreets and crossing bridges.

If you think you can find the Little Mermaid by yourself, but really want to see more of Copenhagen, then a guided tour with Copenhagen Fairy Tales is a good choice.

Opening hours
01/01/2015 - 31/12/2020 Monday - Sunday

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1599 København V


+45 5080 5081

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    Longitude : 12.569182826
    Latitude : 55.675934426

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