The Killing

Image: Tine Harden
Forget fast-paced shoot-em-ups, The Killing is a crime thriller that champions thoughtful plot and the build-up of tension and suspense.

On the trail of The Killing

Over 20 intense days, Detective Inspector Sarah Lund unravels more than she bargained for around Copenhagen’s dark, tangled streets in The Killing. You too can follow the chase with this Killing guide and themed map of Copenhagen. Just don't expect darkness, driving rain or murders, the key themes of the TV series!

Scandinavian success story

The series has become a cult sensation across Europe and further afield, drawing viewers in over 17 countries. It's won a BAFTA, been nominated for an Emmy and has since spawned an American remake. It's also paved the way for huge interest in all things Danish and helped launch other successful Danish TV series, such as Borgen, The Bridge and Those Who Kill.

Copenhagen crime scene

For an unusual route around Denmark's crime-drama capital, why not try a Killing-themed guided tour? This tour takes you to locations from the hit series The Killing such as Copenhagen City Hall (Rådhuset) and Sarah Lund's apartment.

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