The Legacy and other Nordic TV you should see!

Dark dramas are something of a Danish TV speciality. Not only has Denmark brought the world The Killing and Borgen, but it's also responsible for five other Emmy-winning Danish TV series, many of which are Scandinavian crime dramas. Here's a guide to the best Danish drama out there right now...

The Legacy (Arvingerne)

The Legacy is the story of four siblings, struggling with dark family secrets in the wake of their mother's passing. There are many familiar faces in The Legacy, including Trine Dyrholm, who starred with Pierce Brosnan in Love Is All You Need, Jesper Christensen from Casino Royal & Quantum of Solace,  and Carsten Bjørnlund from The Killing. 

1864 - Denmark's biggest ever TV series

1864 premiered on Danish TV in autumn 2014 and was the biggest Danish TV series ever made. This lavish fictional retelling of the 1864 war between Denmark and Germany was filmed on the island of Fyn and in Southern Denmark, where you can visit the actual sites where battles took place. Watch the English trailer!

Those Who Kill

The series Those Who Kill (Dem Som Dræber) has already sold to over 25 countries with an American remake on the way. This crime thriller introduces another strong female lead, happy to run around in the dark with only a torch, Detective Katrina Ries Jensen. A big screen version of the series has just been released in Denmark.

Unit One

The first Danish drama ever to win an Emmy, Unit One (Rejseholdet) was massively popular at home before it went global. The series follows a mobile police unit which moves around Denmark supporting the local police with difficult cases. Unit One stars Denmark's most recognisable male actor, Mads Mikkelsen, who plays Hannibal Lecter in a major US TV series.

The Protectors

Winner of the Emmy for Best International Series in 2009, The Protectors (Livvagterne) follows the unit of the Danish National Police Force tasked with protecting politicians and the Royal Family. Intrigue, personal conflict and terrorism plague the unit in this high-octane series.

The Eagle

The Eagle (Ørnen) is the name of an Icelandic inspector drafted in to help the Danish police force with particularly difficult cases. Winner of the Emmy for Best International Drama Series in 2005.

Nikolaj and Julie

Starring Sofie Gråbøl, The Killing's Sarah Lund, this Emmy-winning series follows the lives of thiry-somethings Nikolaj and Julie as they struggle through life's challenges in Copenhagen.

Young Andersen

Young Andersen is a dramatisation of the early life of legendary fairytale writer Hans Christian Andersen. It won the Emmy for Best International Miniseries in 2005.

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