Cycle route around the Borremose Wetlands 15 km

Cycling around the Borremose Wetlands
Start your trip for example at Tingsted Church. The church was built in the later half of the 14th century. The murals that adorn the vault of the church were painted by a nameless artist known as the Elmelunde Master around 1470-80. Apart from being a church adornment, the murals also served as a bible for illiterate members of the congregation. Opposite the church, there is small site that testifies to a time when meetings were held here. In 1329, a peace agreement between Christopher II and Count Johan was concluded here. Ride along Hannenovvej, Gavlhusvej and Listrupvej.A little further along Troldemosevejen there is a path that leads up to Jættestuen, which is a passage grave from the Bronze Age. The chamber is 13 metres long, which makes it the longest in Denmark. During an archaeological dig in 1845, 30 skeletons were discovered in the passage. Ride further along Listrupvej and to the left along Virketvej. After about a kilometre, before Tresnippen, you see the memorial stone on the left that marks the system of ramparts, which ran in a semicircle between the marsh and the lake area constituting a hill fort, where in 1158 the people of Falster sought refuge from rampaging Wendish forces. By Virket Lake, there are traces of a castle site where "Trygge Castle" once stood. The ramparts have been scheduled. At Tresnippen, where Hannenovvej ends, Lyngvej leads out to the idyllic lake district "Lyngen" around 500 m out. There is a system of paths that lead you around the lakes, from where you can observe wide variety of birdlife. Do not stray from the paths, as the terrain can be soft-bottomed in places. Ride further along Fjellebrovej. Just after Tingsted Stream, in to the left of a forest road, there is a memorial stone for Chamberlain Berregaard.Ride further along Fjellebrovej and Ovstruplundvej through Tåderup back to Tingsted.

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Tingsted Kirke
4800 Nykøbing F

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