Cycle route near Grønsund 32 km

Cycle route near Grønsund-Stubbekøbing 32 km
Start the trip at the harbour in Stubbekøbing, from where the old wooden ferry Ida sails back and forth to Bogø Island during the summer.
Ride across the town square, where you see the great 13th century church with its impressive murals from around 1500. The Stubbekøbing Museum is located at Vestergade 43.The Stubbekøbing Motorcycle- and Radio Museum is located at Nykøbingvej 54. The museum houses a superb collection of more than 150 motorcycles and a variety of apparatuses that illustrate the development of radio, gramophone and television from 1900 to modern times. Coming out of Stubbekøbing, ride along Orevej towards Næsgård. Then along Åstrupvej through Vejringe to Åstrup, where the church stands on a tall hill. There are murals in the church dating back to around 1275, including some by the Elmelunde Master’s workshop from 1500. Continue along Hesnæsvej, Mosebyvej and Bønnetvej to Bønnet Castle ruins, which are situated amid a deep moat on a high terrain south of Bønnet. Ride on further to Hesnæs, where many of the houses are covered with mats of reed. From Hesnæs follow the national cycle routes 8 and 9 to the harbour in Stubbekøbing.From Hesnæsvej the route runs in along a forest road, where a little further ahead you turn right along Batterivej. Right out by the Baltic Sea there is redoubt, which was built around 1807 during the English Wars. Back on the route we continue towards Stubbekøbing. Out on the highway again, we pass Næsgaard Agerbrugsskole (agricultural college).We turn here out along Gl. Færgevej and pass the place where Marie Grubbe and Søren Møller lived in a house built out of stones from the remains of Bønnet Castle after it burnt down. A little further ahead, we come to the ferry harbour, where Marie Grubbe ran the ferry service to Møn.The route continues by the dike along Grønsund Sound, which offers a delightful view out to the islands of Møn and Bogø.Through the summerhouse district at Ore, we ride along the cycling path back to the harbour in Stubbekøbing.

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Vestrehavn 3
4850 Stubbekøbing

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    Latitude : 54.891647

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