Cycle route near Sakskøbing 30 km

Cycle route near Sakskøbing 30 km
Start from the Town Square in Sakskøbing with its statue of "The Beet Girls" from 1940.
Ride along Tværvej opposite the former Town Hall, to the right along Apotekervænget and to the left along Saxes Allé. Just after Ellekildevej, you see the Helge Holmskov Installation with Holmskov’s statue "Life".Ride along Ellekildevej, past Ellekilde School and sports halls. To the left is Den gamle Smedie (The Old Smithy), which is often open on Mondays. Ride out on Nystedvej by Saxine – the smiling water tower from 1909.Continue along Nystedvej and Krenkerupvej towards Krenkerup Estate. Just before you arrive at the Estate, there is a path to the side, where you can take a leisurely stroll through the Have Forest. Ride on towards Radsted, where you can see the 56 m high spire of Rasted Church from a great distance.Ride round by the Church and follow Østerbyvej and Tørstemosevej to Karlsbjerg, a 15 m high sand esker created 12,000 years ago during the Ice Age. Continue further along Pogemosevej passing under the motorway. Turn right just after the viaduct and follow the road through the forest and Kogangen to Berritzgård Estate.The trip continues along Killerupvej by the Lolle Frugts Orchards and a farm shop. Further ahead along Killerupvej you turn onto Degneallé and then Skovbyvej. At number 4 you can visit Antikgården in Taars & Galleri Pandine ( antiques and art gallery).Continue along Lågebrovej and Orebyvej to Oreby Harbour by the entrance to Sakskøbing Fjord.Just before the harbour stands Oreby Mill.Ride back via Orebyvej in towards Sakskøbing and see the houseboats along the harbour. Ride on to the Town Square, where amongst other attractions you find Hotel Sakskøbing. The role of the hotel is to provide a gastronomic showcase for the produce of Lolland-Falster.End the tour at Lise Ring´s "Umbrella Girl" in the Park in front of the Church.

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Torvegade 4
4990 Sakskøbing

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    Longitude : 11.635835
    Latitude : 54.80002

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