Cycle route near Vålse Vig 16 km

Cycle route near Vålse Vig, 16 km
Start your tour at Kippinge Church. In the Middle Ages the church was a popular destination for pilgrims. The church received large donations from its many visitors, which is evident by the very attractive adornments.
Now ride towards Øster Kippinge and turn along Bjergvej around the diked area. Continue along Gårdrækkevej to Storstrømsvej, which leads to Nørre Vedbyvej.Ride a little further along this road and turn in across Møllebanken. Here you arrive at the site, where a post mill stood until 1918. A little further ahead along Nørre Vedbyvej is Bavnehøj, which at a height of 44 metres is Falster’s highest point. Here you will also discover large gravel pits. Ride on down through Nr Vedby and turn right onto Sortkammervej, where the road runs along the dikes. Ahead at Vigen you ride up on the dike, which was constructed in 1841 to drain the flooded area. 1,100 acres of land was dammed, of which a large part is now cultivated. In the pumping station behind the dike, there is a model and poster exhibition about the drainage work. Behind the pumping station is a marker where you can see how high the water stood before the damming. Just ahead is Vålse Harbour, which was constructed by two local corn merchants when the Sugar factory began shipping beets from here. The house on the harbour is the former weighing station. Ride on to Vålse.Ride through Egense and Vester Kippinge back to Kippinge Church. Here you can swap your metal horse for a wooden one.

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Kippingevej 40A
4840 Nørre Alslev


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    Latitude : 54.908596

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