Cycling route - To Albuen along Nakskov Fjord - 16 km

With Nakskov Fjord as a travelling companion this route winds its way along the coast from Nakskov across Langø to the curved isthmus Albuen. The route is a part of the regional cycling route 38 and is signposted the whole way. 

Begin your trip by riding in an easterly direction along Havnegade and turn right across Nybro bridge at the head of Nakskov Fjord. Immediately after Nybro turn right onto Skandsen along cycling route 38 towards Langø. Langø was built around a small fishing community who from generation to generation has made a living from the sea. The town’s small harbour is one of the few active fishing harbours on Lolland and fresh fish is landed there daily, some of which is sold at the harbour. 

From Langø continue eastwards to the isthmus Albuen. A good 8 km long hook-shaped tongue of land that has been formed through the displacement of sand and small stones by currents and storms along the south coast of Lolland. Despite its remote location, Albuen has been playing a role the history of the region since around the 15th century, when it amongst others served as a naval port and a fishing village. The remnants of the old buildings can still be seen today and the well–preserved pilot’s house from 1873 is currently being used as a nature centre. It is also possible to stay overnight at the centre upon making a reservation at the Tourist bureau in Nakskov. Be prepared, you may have to walk with your bicycle some of the way. 

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Nakskov Fjord
4900 Nakskov


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  • Coordinates

    Longitude : 11.131831
    Latitude : 54.830649

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