Cycling route: Vesterborg and Halsted Deer park (approx. 15 km)

Apart from the dike, the flat countryside of Lolland does not present very much in the way of hilly terrain.  However, in the landscape around the picturesque village of Vesterborg, around 20,000 years ago the ice margin shifted slightly back and forth during the periods of thawing and freezing. This formed some fantastic hills and a glacial cavity that today constitutes Vesterborg Lake. The glacial stream flowed on from here to form Halsted Ådal river valley and Den Gamle Rende channel in Nakskov Fjord. There is also some speculation about whether it was once possible to sail all the way to Vesterborg, but evidence of this is still inconclusive.

An excursion to Vesterborg is also an opportunity to visit the charming little village church, where the belfry for some mysterious reason is positioned at the wrong end. The adjoining graveyard is the resting place for a number of bishops and in Theofili Woods by the banks of the lake opposite the church, you find the Reventlow family burial plot.  

Vesterborg can be reached by riding along Strandpromenaden and further along Nakskov Harbour in an easterly direction along cycling route 8 that runs along Maribovej. After approx. 10 km you ride through Halsted Deer Park, which was originally ”hunting grounds” for the nearby Halsted Monastery. The monastery dates back to around 7th century and is today run as an estate with amongst other activities hunting, forestry and agriculture. The trip can be extended with a visit to the Reventlow Museum at the Pederstrup Estate. To do this, follow cycling route 8 in the direction of Pederstrup. 

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