Cykelrute - Jernbanestien fra Rødbyhavn til Maribo

A 'must'  bike ride in the flat Lolland landscape. The old, former railway track connects Maribo with Rødbyhavn, a lovely 19 km long tour.

You  pass through a delightful landscape with varying agricultural crops. Enjoy your picnic by the lake. Experience the active workshop in Holeby, and see the gliders at LF Airport. Discover why Rødby is no longer a harbour town. Learn all about the tunnel construction at Rødby Harbour and enjoy lunch with a sea view. Enjoy your tour!

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  • City / Area

    • Holeby
    • Lolland-Falster
    • Maribo
    • Rødby
    • Rødbyhavn
    • Sealand, Møn, Lolland-Falster

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  • Coordinates

    Longitude : 11.351966857
    Latitude : 54.657151893