Danish Mead - Billund Brewery

Visit Denmark's oldest mead brewery!
Most people think that mead is a kind of beer, but in fact mead is a honey wine, and has always been so. The Vikings drank beer and mead, and mead was their wine. The beverage of the rich.

Mead is brewed by boiling honey, water and possibly some spices, and then leaving the mead to ferment for approx. 3 weeks. After about 6 months' storage the is mead ready. Mead, however, only gets better with age, so it is no problem storing it for some years. It will never get too old.

Mead from Billund Brewery is a natural product with no additives.

The brewery is open for viewing weekdays from 13:00 to 13:30. Price: 50 DKK per person incl. tastings.

Also remember to visit our beautiful store, where you will find our honey wine and homemade mustards, specialty beers, wine, chocolate, licorice, oils & vinegars and much more. The shop is open Tuesday to Thursday from 10 to 17.30, Fridays until 18.00 and Saturdays from 10-13.

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