Meetings in Denmark

Danish research studies on the nature of meetings

Wake up your audience!

The rather unconventional approach to looking at the nature of meetings were enforced by research studies carried out by the Dane Ib Ravn, Associate Professor at the Danish School of Education, University of Aarhus. Essentially Ib Ravn found that efficient meetings require increased attention to styles of learning and that involving participants guarantees an enhanced learning outcome.

Due to these findings and the responses from the private Danish partners involved in the initative ‘The Meeting Concept of the Future’, Ravn’s conclusion was clear: Yes, there is definitely a need for changing the structures of conventional meetings. Increased focus should be given to integrating modern pedagogical and educational methods, and ideas and theories from the experience economy, into the meetings universe.

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In a nutshell...

'A bunch of people sitting together in a room waiting for a meeting to start is a tremendous reservoir of energy waiting to be released.'

Source: Ib Ravn, 'Facilitation + Positive Psychology = ...equals the flourishing organization',