Restaurant Dauphine is Aarhus' oldest gourmet restaurant which can be seen and tasted in the foods high quality and a sense of choosing the right ingredients. Dauphine uses local ingredients which gives you an unique culinary experience you rarely get anywhere else. It is the chefs of Dauphine who chooses the local and fresh ingredients which ensures quality from the beginning to your table.

White Guide Denmark

Restaurant Dauphine is recognized and mentioned in White Guide Denmark - a well known and respected food guide focused on the Danish food scene.

Exciting wine menu and local ingredients

Dauphine always chooses a wine menu that has been created and chosen for the food you are having - you get a personalized experience with both food and wine.

With the title as Aarhus' oldest gourmet restaurant you can see and taste how experience and new ways of thinking is innovating the culinary experience. Dauphine is always trying new ways of cooking which is why you can taste something different every day if some new local ingredients is found.

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Frederiksgade 41-43
8000 Aarhus C


+45 86193922


  • Kitchen

    • Fish and shellfish
    • Gourmet
    • French
    • Danish
    • European
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    • White Guide Danmark



Longitude : 10.205193565232
Latitude : 56.155203490047