Denmark Instagrammed: Danish Architecture

Danish photographer Astrid Rasmussen has an eye for capturing distinctive architectural designs in Copenhagen. Here, she shares her top places to experience Danish architecture and beautiful historical buildings around the city.

Climb the golden spire and watch #Christianshavn from above 

Church of Our Savior is one of the most distinctive buildings in Copenhagen

"It is quite a journey to climb the 400 flights of stairs to the top, the last 150 being on the outside, up the golden spire. It is so beautiful, and I am lucky enough to be able to see it from my window. Sometimes the church plays rock or pop music on its carillons and you can hear it throughout most of Christianshavn. One day, I passed the church on my bike and they were playing a Radiohead track. How cool is that?"

A new museum will #rock you

The Danish Museum of Rock Music opens in 2016.

"Through my work I'm currently setting up an exhibition of some fantastic music photos at The Danish Museum of Rock Music. There is also going to be a wide range of memorabilia and other exhibitions of Danish music history through the ages, even the buildings themselves are exciting. I am very interested in music and I am really excited to see the museum open in 2016. I think it is going to be very popular and interesting to both Danish people and people visiting from abroad. Anyone who is interested in pop and rock music should go."

Maintain history while developing #cpharchitecture

Gemini Residence, located at Islands Brygge, were originally two old silos and then they built flats around them.

"The Gemini Residence buildings were originally two old silos and then they built flats around them and created these two big foyers inside the silos. The building itself is very beautiful and I really like the way these old buildings have been used, instead of just tearing them down and building something new. It is a way of maintaining the history of Copenhagen while the city is rapidly developing. Overall, Danish architecture is of the absolute highest standard, and when the weather is decent, I think the people of Copenhagen are the unofficial world champions of utilizing urban spaces. It is evident in all the new builds around Copenhagen and their way of making the city a place for living."

City views of #ACHotelBellaSkyCopenhagen

Experience a distinctive architectural design at AC Hotel Bella Sky Copenhagen.

"Many hotels around Copenhagen think outside the box and use distinctive architectural designs in order to stand out. A lot of the hotels, including AC Hotel Bella Sky Copenhagen, are also trying to be as environmentally conscious as possible. Instagrammers benefit greatly from the many fantastic views of the city and the nature areas that surround Copenhagen. Moreover, I know quite a few Copenhageners who once in a while spend a night or two in a hotel somewhere in town, just as a little getaway from the everyday life." 

100 years of #Danisharchitecture

Copenhagen Central Station is more than 100 years old and has stayed so true to the original architecture.

"Copenhagen Central Station is more than 100 years old but the architecture is still 100 percent relevant. The large windows around the station produce the most incredible inflow of light and the enormous wooden beams in the ceiling contribute to a rather pleasant acoustic. When you look at photos of the platforms it is actually really difficult to work out when they were taken simply because the station has stayed so true to the original architecture. And then I love the line of helium balloons permanently floating on the ceiling, let go by some kids after a trip to Tivoli, located next to the Central Station."

Experience #Kalvebodfog at a Danish savanna

Kalvebod commons in Western Amager consists of reclaimed sea bed, with a number of former islets making up small isolated hills.

"The Kalvebod Commons in Western Amager is a really fantastic place and anyone interested in nature and/or photography should allow themselves a trip out there at sunrise or sunset. It is probably about 15 minutes from city centre, right by some of the world's most architecturally interesting residential buildings. It looks a lot like an African savanna and at one point it was discussed whether or not to put out African animals such as elephants and giraffes. Kalvebod commons is also known for its frequent and almost magical fog – it is as Nordic as is gets!"

The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of Astrid Rasmussen and were not endorsed or otherwise sponsored by any other than VisitDenmark. All photos can be seen at @astridkbh

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Astrid Rasmussen

Astrid Rasmussen is a freelance photographer and a project coordinator at Copenhagen Photo Festival.

Astrid Rasmussen is a freelance photographer and a project coordinator at Copenhagen Photo Festival. With a love for Danish architecture and by being a part of the Instagram community in Copenhagen, she develops her photographic skills and shares her photos at @astridkbh