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Denmark Instagrammed: West Coast

The West Coast of Jutland is one of the most dynamic regions of Denmark. But it's also big! To help you choose which direction to head and which sights to see, local resident of Hvide Sande, Mette Trads, has shared some of her top spots from the West Coast. Mette is inspired by the landscape and opportunities for outdoor adventures that the West Coast provides. Here, she's picked 5 local highlights from her Instagram profile to bring you closer to this holiday region.

1. The iconic #RubjergKnude


'Sunsets at the West Coast are just amazing and I can never get enough of them - this sunset is taken close to Rubjerg Knude Fyr on the West Coast in the Northern part of Denmark - one of my absolute favourite spots.' 

2. Local #WestCoast culture


Woke up early today to explore the colourful streets of Copenhagen! #VisitDenmark #InCopenhagen

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'Local life on the West Coast is cool and authentic - in this picture you can see the local specialty, DABS or Tørfisk, left out to hang dry during spring months. In general you can find delicious fresh fish and seafood all along the coast - and in many places experience the active harbour life first hand.' 

3. Enjoying the coast in all #seasons


'Summer is my favourite season on the West Coast - however spring, fall and winter are also great - each in their own way. This is Lyngvig Lighthouse caught on a beautiful winter day.'  

4. #GetActive on the West Coast

'One of the reasons I love living on the West Coast is the fact that you have nature just outside your doorstep - great bike- og runing tracks and all kinds of watersports nearby. No excuse to stay indoor;) This picture is from Hvide Sande - ready for some Stand Up Paddling.' 

5. Denmark's best #beaches


'The ocean, the dunes and the nature in general are by far the main attracion on the West Coast of Denmark, and along the more than 550km of coastline you find sandy beaches, picturesque dunes, dramatic escarpments and amazing views. This picture is from just north of Søndervig and is a typical West Coast view.' 

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Mette Trads @mettetradsmn

Mette Trads lives on the beautiful West Coast of Denmark, where the North Sea meets rolling dunes, hidden seaside villages and world heritage sites. She loves living by the ocean and spends her spare time active in nature, capturing great shots for her @mettetradsmn Instagram profile.