Denmarks Highest Climbing Pole

It is a unique experience to climb the 44 metres to the top and there to enjoy the view.

Everybody can climb the pole as the handholds and footholds are large and the instructor ensures that it is safe. Children and adults, parties, firms school classes - all are welcom to climb the pole and look down on Ry - a town set in hilly country and encircled by lakes and vast forests.

When set up, the pole was stepped like a mast in conformity with old sailing-ship traditions. It was originally Denmark's tallest tree and stood in the forest near Ry until a storm blew down the 52 metre tall "giant".

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Destination Skanderborg



8680 Ry


+45 40383757


  • City / Area

    • Gudenå
    • Ry
    • Skanderborg
  • Sports activities

    • climbing

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  • Coordinates

    Longitude : 9.7013805000
    Latitude : 56.0809785