Legoland, Billund

LEGO® – the world's favourite toy

LEGO® is known and loved by children and adults throughout the world, thanks to its ingenious simplicity and the endless imaginative possibilities. In the year 2000, LEGO® was named Toy of the Century by both Fortune Magazine in the US and the Association of British Toy Dealers. Here are some things you may not know about the world’s favourite toy.


It all started with wood

LEGO® came into being around 1930, when a Danish carpenter from Billund in Jutland fell on hard times building houses. He supplemented his trade making wooden toys and was so successful that he was soon only making his wooden building blocks. He called the company LEGO®, a mix of the Danish words To play and Good. It was the perfect name for a perfectly simple toy.


The building blocks of today’s LEGO®

Carpenter Ole Kirk Christiansen was a visionary man and he was soon importing technology to produce injection-moulded plastics, revolutionising manufacturing and setting the course of LEGO® for the next century. Since 1949, LEGO® has been made of plastic and continued developments to these seemingly simple building blocks, have kept LEGO® a world-leader in toys.

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