Shopping in Denmark

Come and shop in Denmark, one of the hottest design nations on the planet. From a rich design history, led by legends such as Arne Jacobsen and Hans J. Wegner, Denmark’s design sector has grown into a world-leader. From homeware to fashion, Denmark is an incredible place to pick up unique, cutting-edge products or to find that perfect Scandinavian gift. Beautiful shopping streets await in cities across the country, offering international and Danish brands. So pack your shopping bags and don’t forget your wallet!

Shopping Aarhus
Shopping in Denmark

Shopping for Danish Design

How to get your hands on the latest and greatest Danish design products.

Denmark's biggest brands

Denmark's biggest design brands

Explore the Danish brands defining Denmark's effortless sense of style.

Danish design icons

Simple, clean lines with an emphasis on functionality. 

The Killing

Dress like Sarah Lund!

Here's how you can dress like Sarah Lund...