Dilemma Method

Purpose: To gain new knowledge about each other, to make everyone engage in the subject and make everyone go out on the floor.

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The Dilemma Exercise is a method to make everyone participate in an important dilemma. The Method is great for kick-starting a discussion and activating the participants’ natural curiosity.


  • To gain new knowledge about each other
  • To make everyone engage in the subject
  • To make everyone go out on the floor


10-15 minutes

Best suited for:

6-50 persons

How to get started:

- Find a dilemma, e.g. what is the most important for making a successful change – the leaders or the employees?

- Write down the dilemma on two pieces of paper and hang them in different locations in the room (one saying ‘leaders’ and one saying ‘employees’). Ask the participants to place themselves closest to the statement they agree with the most. It is allowed to stand between two statements, but not entirely in the middle (that is too boring).

- When everyone has placed themselves, interview a couple of representatives from the outer lines and maybe some from the middle. Ask them how come they have chosen to stand at their current position. (Eventually, ask them to talk to the person next to them for 1-2 minutes about the reasons to this).

- End the exercise.


  • If desired, use a ball to control who is speaking.
  • If you like, form a horseshoe with a string on the floor and ask people to stand according to this. It gives them the opportunity to talk to the person across who obviously has a different opinion than one self.

More info about this exercise:

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