Dyrlægegruppen Thy (Veterinarian)

Dyrlægegruppen Thy is an association of Thy Veterinarians, Thisted/Sjørring Animal Clinic, Nordthy Veterinarians and Veterinary Helle Castle.

The association was created to improve the professional background of the increasingly specialized work. We are a part of Thy Knowledge Center along with: Thy Farmers and hope thereby to strengthen cooperation between veterinarians and consultants. We hope also to continue to attract new skilled veterinarians.

See the opening hours. on our website: http://www.dyrlaegegruppenthy.dk/

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Thy Turistforening info@thy.dk



Silstrupparken 2
7700 Thisted


+45 96 96 19 80

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  • Coordinates

    Longitude : 8.6470779999
    Latitude : 56.937669

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