Easter in Aarhus

Enjoy Easter in Aarhus
The city has great opportunities for both grown-ups and children. Visit The Old Town enjoy ARoS Aarhus Art Museum or enjoy all the other exhibitions and activities in Aarhus. Stay in the middle of Aarhus where plenty of shops and cafees are in easy reach.

Experience Danish Easter traditions
In Den Gamle By – The Old Town Museum you can relieve history and enjoy the traditions of the Easter. During the Easter you can even decorate your own personal Easter egg. You can meet servants at the Aarhus Merchant’s House, the widow of a clergyman in Havbogade and the yardhands around in the streets and you are always more than welcome to speak to them. If you are lucky they will ask you to do chores like collecting water from the well or taking trash to the midden.
Your rainbow panorama
At ARoS Aarhus Art Museum you must make sure to take in a view over the city from the colourful windows of Your rainbow panorama.

Meet an Emperor at Moesgaard Museum
Meet Emperor Qin, the first Emperor of China. He managed to unite the country, which had been divided into seven states; however this came at a price, as the population saw his rule as being very tyrannical. At the exhibit you will be able to see a large number of objects, and full-scale terracotta warriors found within the huge underground burial palace built by the Emperor as a monument to his greatness.  

Music and concerts at Concert Hall Aarhus
In the Concert Hall Aarhus you have the possibility to enjoy the talented Niels Haugaard or H.P.Lange duo, and while you are there you should might as well experience some of the free concerts that the Concert Hall offers during the Easter – and the rest of the year.
See the Starry Night of Spring at Steno Museum
On 4th April You can experience the starry night of the spring at The Steno Museum. You can also visit the museum and be fascinated by the microscopic atoms and the unbelievable size of the Universe.
The many joys of spring
Snowdrops and winter aconites arise from the ground and nature is dominated by colours, scents and activities which are completely irresistible. The nature in and around Aarhus characterises the city in a unique way where it is easy to combine big city experiences with the beautiful nature.
Easter in Aarhus
Explore Aarhus and enjoy the Easter with your friends and family

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