Ejdrup Church

The bell in Ejdrup Church is made in year 1842 and carries the inscription: "Lord, let me obey, and welcome many in your house" (Direct translation). The pulpit is from about 1625 and is decorated with wood cutter reliefs.

Inside Ejdrup Church
In Ejdrup Church you will find the four virtue: faith, hope, love and justice which are all carried by four women figures – one symbol for each women figure. 

The choir and nave of this church are in the Romanesque style, built of granite ashlars. The narrow tower and the porch are made of ashlars and medieval large bricks and were built around year 1500.

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Ejdrupvej 50
9240 Nibe


+45 98666610



Longitude : 9.5353219999
Latitude : 56.889641