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Experience Wheel

Purpose: To explore each other’s experience from different angles and make the participants talk together.

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Exercise that gives the participants the possibility to dynamically share knowledge. I have developed this exercise myself, inspired by De Bonos’ six thinking hats.


  • To explore each other’s experience from different angles.
  • To make the participants talk together.


When in need of knowledge sharing on a specific topic.


20-40 minutes

Materials needed:

  • 4 things you can place on the floor in different colors
  • If desired, flip overs.

Best suited for:

10-40 persons

How to get started:

- Place 4 stations on the floor – possibly with 4 flip overs, coloured pieces of paper, hats or the like.

- Ask the participants to go in groups of 3.

- Share the groups between the 4 points.

- explain that each point has its own function:

- at station 1 (the black) they are to talk about all the things which was difficult.

- at station 2 (the yellow) they are to talk about all the things that went well.

- at station 3 (the green) they are to talk about how to improve in the future.

- at station 4 (the red) they are to talk about which emotions they connect to the subject.

- Let them talk at a station for 2-3 minutes. Ring the bell and ask them to move on to the next station.

- continue until they have been at all the stations.

- The sum up can – if wanted – be done by collecting all groups at one station and share some highlights in plenary. Take them to all the stations this way.

A variant:

  • Place a flip over by each station and ask them to write on it for each time they are at the station. Ask the last group that ends by the flip over to sum up the top 3 points and share them in plenary.

- If desired, ask other questions at the stations. E.g. the red could be about how the perfect scene would look like, with everything succeeded.

More info about this exercise:

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