Fun physical exercise inspired by the “rock-paper-scissors” game. The point of this is that good teamwork not only means talking about things, but also being able to feel what the people around you want.


- Physical activity
- Positive energy
- Laugh


5-10 minutes.

Best suited for group size:



• Ask the participants to pair up in teams of two.
• Explain to them that they must first learn three different positions, as in “rock-paper-scissors”. Here we do not just use our hands but we use our entire body.
• Explain to the participants the three positions and let them try them, so that you are sure that they understand them.
• First position: Fireworks. First we send the fireworks off. This happens by having the participants point their two index fingers towards the sky as guns and shoot with a small "PUF". Then they wait a little, so that the fireworks has time to get nice and high before it explodes, then they take their arms out to the side and loudly say "WOW" as they look towards the “sky”.
• Second Position: Dangerous Tiger. They roar like a tiger with their hands lifted as menacing paws.
• Third position: Give me a high-five. Tell them to give hand signals with their right hand towards the other group member while they say "YO" with a hip-hop attitude.
• Explain to them that now is when the game begins. The goal is to get as many points as possible. Each group gets one point (which they keep track of) each time they manage to do what you ask them.
• Ask the participants to stand with their backs to each other (with contact). They must now try to figure out which of the three positions of the other one will choose.  They should try to choose the same position. You count to three and say "NOW" and ask them all to turn around simultaneously and assume their position. If they have chosen the same position, they get a point. 
• Ask them to continue in this way for 2-3 rounds in total.
• Then you may want to vary the game by asking them to try to hit a different position than the other.
• I do not usually maintain THIS for more than 3-4 rounds.
• Upon wrapping up the exercise by telling them what the point of this game is. 


• Introduce several positions.
• Try to put three together.
Inspired by Matt Weinstein; U.S. did this exercise at a workshop on Applied Improvisation Conference in Amsterdam, September 2010.

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