Flower hand

Elegant, small concentration exercise that can be played with an unlimited number of participants. It works really as warm-up at a meeting.


- Enhance concentration. 
- Awareness. 


Approx. 5 minutes 


Requires no space or physical activities. 

Best suited for group size:



• All are sitting in their seats. 
• Everyone sits with their eyes closed while clenching their fists with their hands upwards on their knees.  
• When you say “go”, the participants are asked to slowly unfold their hands like a flower opening up. They have precisely one minute to “bloom”. 
• When one minute has gone by, you stop them. Few will have timed their “bloom” precisely. Some will have unfolded their hands too quickly, while some will only be half finished. 


• Repeat the exercise several times to see if they become more accurate. 
• Consider “blooming” for 30 seconds, or 3 and 5 minutes. 
• This exercise is a good introduction to a task or project where time is important. Remember to tell the participants why timing is so important.

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