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Fønikisk art

Who am I ? What I do ?Take just two minutes to read what follows, then you will know who I am !Stone ! what is it ?!What is that element ?!What is that mystery that forms the whole Universe ?!Is it just a hard element forming the natural materialistic substance of the Earth ?!There is a secret behind Stone, a mystery, a big mystery that overshadows it.Simply, we can say that Stone is the origin of the earth, its substance and spirit. It is the matter of which the earth is formed,not only our earth, but the whole universe with all its planets and comets...Stone challenges time, laughs at ages and mocks at days..It has witnessed the existence of man on this earth since the true beginning..When small and great civilizations rose up, Stone was there witnessing, and after they vanished away,it remained there as an eternal witness indifferent about the burdens of time and the disasters of ages..

It has always escorted the man throughout his existence and march on this earth, engraving on itself his tales,myths, cultures and history..Stone is the universe's mysterious substance, its history, its philosophy, its testimony on the existence itself in all of its essences and revelations...Stone is a spirit. A spirit that combined with the spirit of the man, creates another world of spirits.

Stone is a being, that combined with the being of the man, reveals into the humankind the secrets of the earth, of the universe, of the humanity and of the ages..
That is a glimpse, a glow of the inner light of stone.That is gleam of my philosophy and a shine of my ideology. That is why I love stone. That is why I am related to it in a deep unbreakable relationship.

I love stone. I listen to it. I read it. I write on it. I embrace it.I see life's secrets and human history in it and through it...For these reasons, I discovered that: Stone loves me. It talks to me. It writes to me. It opens its heart to me. It teaches me. It relates the tales of the humankind's history to me. It reveals life's secrets to me, naturally and supernaturally, realistically and surrealistically, physically and metaphysically, from the world of matters to the realm of thoughts, from the world of corps to the kingdom of spirits, from the earth of devils to the heaven of angels, from the created beings to the creating Essence.....  

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01/01/2016 - 31/12/2016 Monday - Sunday

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Østbakken 5, Tranum
9460 Brovst


+45 52303141


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