The Forest Dronninglund Storskov

The forest Dronninglund Storskov extends from the outskirts of Dronninglund. It is part of Jyske Ås and lies in a hilly terrain. Storskoven is a privately owned 915 hectare forest, whose excellent opportunities for walking and biking trips make it a popular attraction. In Storskoven, you will find such sights as Knøsen, Sømosen and the enchanted hill ( remember to take a bottle of water with you).

In the south-western part of Storskoven is Sømosen. Sømosen is known for having a distinctive and indefinable atmosphere, which may be explained by its history. Here Vendsyssel?s travelling tinkers, peddlers, market performers and folk-singers were to be found. Sømosen?s history has now been consigned to oblivion, but if you look carefully traces of the artists' camps can still be found underneath the moss.

Vendsyssel's highest point, 136 metres above sea level. The hill is a Bronze Age burial mound dating back to approx. 1000 BC. The old beeches surrounding Knøsen are several hundred years old. According to most sources, Knøsen was originally named Knaghøj, but was accidentally renamed Knøsen by land surveyors.

Den forheksede bakke
A couple of kilometres outside Dronninglund on Storskovvejen is the enchanted hill (den forheksede bakke) where legend has it that water runs uphill! If you want to find it, look for a hill where the road curves, with a little, white house to the right. The enchanted part runs from the little gravel road on the left to the bend at the foot of the hill by the asphalt road. Pour some water onto the road and see for yourself ? the water runs uphill.

Galgehøjene and Pyldbørsdysse
Where V. Thorupvej and Hjallerupvej intersect, you will find two mounds. They are but a few of the many fascinating long barrows and burial mounds that are scattered around the area. In the old days, gallows were raised on top to perform executions.
Further towards Dronninglund is the dolmen Pyldbørsdysse, which is a 93 metres long burial mound.

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