Fredensborg Castle

Fredensborg Castle is frequently called Denmark´s Versailles. The elegant Baroque castle was named by King Frederik IV, whose mind was occupied by peace at that time, and who wanted to commemorate the ending of the Great Northern War in 1722 (Fredensborg Slot literally means the Place of Peace).

The peace accord ending hostilities between Sweden and Denmark was signed while the place was being built. The castle was extended and improved during the 18th century by the Danish architect Nicolai Eigtved, who also was responsible for a large part of inner Copenhagen.

 The castle has frequently been used as the setting for important events in the life of the Danish Royal Family – wedding receptions, silver wedding anniversaries and birthday parties. State leaders from around the world have been received in the castle during official state visits, and foreign ambassadors submit their official credentials to the Danish Queen at the castle. It has been a long held tradition for visiting state leaders to inscribe their names in one of the windows of the castle using a diamond pen. The royal private garden, the Orangey and herb garden are located adjacent to the castle. They are open for the public in July, as are parts of the castle and the chapel. The surrounding castle gardens are open to the public all year around and admission is free.

Opening hours

01/07/2018 - 05/08/2018 Monday - Sunday

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Fredensborg Slot
3480 Fredensborg


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    • Saint Hannes Cross
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    • Coach park



Longitude : 12.3957632
Latitude : 55.9819924