Fredensdal is a small farm from the 1930′s. Samsø Ecomuseum inherited the property from the last owner, Eduard Kjeldmann, who had lived here all his life. After his parents’ death in 1930 Eduard took over the property, and while the agricultural part of the estate was kept ajour – even though he never shifted from horse to tractor - there were very few changes in the home. Rooms, kitchen, larder and scullery stands unchanged as it were when Eduard parents lived. The only exception is that Eduard installed electric light.
In the two sleeping chambers you can see an exhibition about the family’s everyday life based on diary entries from 1909 - 1935. In the barn and the fields you can meet the property’s herd of old Danish breeds: cows and pigs, goats and poultry and the horse Jokum. Depending on the season, visitors can be lucky to see Jokum’s working skills in action. The old garden has been restored with perennial plants, boxwood and paths, as it looked at photographs from the 1920s.
The place was built in 1904 by Søren Kjeldmann and has home for him, his wife Emilie and his son Eduard. From the diary entries and photographs, we get an insight into a frugal and inventive peasant life. Fredensdal is a typical example of the small family farm that was such an important part of Danish agriculture in most of the 20th century.

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