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Fredericia Theater is located at Prinsessegade 29 in Fredericia. Since 13 October 2011, the theater has exclusively set up musicals that have never been professionally played in Denmark, virtually everyone who premiere or premiere. In addition, the theater provides a wide range of events such as stand-up, theater and conferences.

Fredericia Theater is among other things Known for its setup of Disney's Alladin, which was later reopened at the oer in Copenhagen and for Disney's The Little Mermaid - The Musicals, which was also restored to the opera. In 2015 they had a huge success with Shu-bi-dua - The musicals and 2016 another Disney venture for the Clover of Notre Dame - The Musicals.

The theater's goal is to demystify "new" performances and show what the genre of music can do. They think that not everybody likes everything, but there must be something for everyone. Also those who thought that musicals were nothing for them.

Besides the clock from Notre Dame's setup in Fredericia, the success continues from July at The Royal Theater in Copenhagen. In addition, Fredericia Theater introduced in 2017: Lizzie The Musical, The Problem with Douglas, Legendale and September with the Premiere at Seebach The Musical.

The theater also received in 2017, 3 Reumert nominations and victories, for the set-up of the Watcher from Note Dame.



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