Frederik VII statuette

Gratitude for the giver of the Danish constitution…

In the small park in Skjern is a bronze statuette of the Danish king Frederik VII. The monument was erected in gratitude for the Kings view about how to construct the new railways. Skjern had a railway in 1875! On the four sides of the concrete block following text is written: First side: Frederik VII, born 6th of October 1808, king 20th January, died 15th November 1863 Second side: June 5th 1849 (the first Constitution Day in Denmark) Third side: Erected by the residents of the constituency on June 5th 1877 in memory of the giver of the Constitution. Fourth side: "The peoples love, my strength"

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Destination Ringkøbing Fjord



Fredensgade / Mellemgade
6900 Skjern


  • Type

    • Statue



Longitude : 8.4976575
Latitude : 55.9456821