Frederiksborg Castle Chapel

Frederiksborg Castle Church is a magnificent and impressive church room, planned and built as the private church of the royal family, no admittance for common for the common man.

Inauguration church for the Danish kings
After the imposition of the absolute monarchy in 1660 Frederiksborg Castle Church became the inauguration church for the Danish kings up to the last inauguration in 1840. The castle church forms the Western wing of the castle.

No expenses spared 
When Christian the 4th set off the construction of the church in 1606-17 no expenses were spared: skilled craftsmen were fetched from all over Europe to create the artistic decorations, among others unique intarsia work in the pews, gilded and painted stucco in the valves, apostle figures in all recesses, and symbols of the king’s tasks and duties in the arches.

The church escaped the fire
When large parts of Frederiksborg Castle burned down in the disastrous fire in 1859 the church largely escaped, which is why the authentic interior can be seen to this day. You can also see the Order Gallery with the coats of arms of the Elephant Knights and of the Grand Cross Knights, an interesting item of cultural history.

The Compenius Organ
The church has 3 organs; the oldest of them is the Compenius Organ, built in 1610. The organ was a gift to Christian 4th from his sister, the Duchess of Braunschweig-WolfenBüttel. It is played every Thursday from 13.30 to 14.

Parish church
Today the church functions as a parish church and makes a festive frame for services, christenings, confirmations, and weddings. Thus when visiting the castle during church services you may find that there is no admittance.

Opening hours

01/11/2015 - 31/03/2016 Monday - Sunday 11:00 - 15:00
01/04/2016 - 31/10/2016 Monday - Sunday 10:00 - 17:00
01/11/2016 - 31/03/2017 Monday - Sunday 11:00 - 15:00

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