Frederiksdal Estate

To Frederiksdal Cherry Wine the explanation to success is the" good wine is made in the field" and the "continuing hunt for the ultimate cherry". No one have ever before fermented cherry wine, no one have ever before hunted the genetic best cherry judged by taste in wine and no one have ever build a cellar that combines techniques from Bordeaux, Banyules and Maury - and Bourgogne with barrel ageing Cognac, Portwine and grandmanier barrels. Everything is put into play on the quest for a taste in the wine that when enjoyed gives the feeling of angel wings. Ageing and maturation gives very different taste in the 7 different types of wine which are beyond comparison.

The trio Chef Jan Friis Mikkelsen, Journalist Morten Brink Iwersen and CEO Harald Krabbe started with their first batch in 2006, and established Frederiksdal Kirsebærvin from the established cherry orchard in 2009 where the first commercial vintage came on the market.

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Frederiksdalsvej 30
4912 Harpelunde


+45 22581692



Longitude : 11.040832
Latitude : 54.904308