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Fri og Fro Eco village


The ECO-village Fri og Fro was established in Egebjerg in 2004 and the 16 plots contain 16 very different houses as well as a common house. The houses are all constructed from sustainable materials such as recycled wood, straw, clay and shells. The village also has its own  willow wasterwater treatment.

The houses are all very imaginative and with peculiar shapes such as the conch house, and on regular basis you can join a tour of the premises guided by one of the members. But you are also free to visit Fri og Fro on your own to admire the spectacular architecture.

Del denne side

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Under Himlen, Egebjerg
4500 Nykøbing Sj


+45 29 93 99 30

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Longitude : 11.6710433
Latitude : 55.8447285