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Galleri Munk

Peder Ravn's gallery is situated in the former "Skaw Boatbuilder's Yard”.

Here the artist is busy working on new works of art to be sold to the visitors, or he is working on commissioned paintings.

Sometimes the gallery is visited by larger groups of people who want to make use of the facilities, inspired and motivated by Peder Ravn, to create their very own "Skagen painting". 

If you would like to visit the gallery, please call or mail to arrange a time with Peder Ravn: +45 40 20 71 08

Opening hours

07/12/2016 - 31/12/2017 Monday - Sunday

Del denne side

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Turisthus Nord



Vestkajen 6
9990 Skagen


+45 40207108


+45 40207108

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