Game of evolution

A very physical and fun energizer. It is probably not the one you should start with the first time you try an energizer at a meeting. It works well with an excited group at a social event or at the end of a course.


To laugh and move.


Approx. 7-10 minutes.


- Plenty of floor space.
- Everyone has to move around.

Best suited for group size:



• The goal for the participants is to move from the first stage of evolution; egg; through grouse and dinosaur, and end up as a superhero.
• In the first round, everyone walks around as “eggs”. An egg is visualized by walking with his hands clasped over his head, curled up while saying: "egg-egg-egg-egg".
• When an egg meets another egg they stop, and have a game of "rock-paper-scissors". The winner progresses to the next stage of evolution, which is grouse. The loser remains an egg, but may continue to seek out other eggs for more "rock-paper-scissors"-games.
• The grouse is characterized by flapping his arms, while in a shrill voice saying: "Oooldbird-Oooldbird”. 
• When a grouse meets an egg, nothing happens, but when a grouse meets another grouse they play “rock-paper-scissors". The winner progresses to the next stage of evolution, which is dinosaur. The loser will remain a grouse.
• The dinosaur is characterized by having one arm bent backwards and down like a tail, while the other is bent in front as a head on a neck. While walking around like this, they say: “dinosaur dinosaur".
• When a dinosaur meets a grouse or an egg, nothing happens. When a dinosaur meets another dinosaur, they play the “rock-paper-scissors” game. The winner reaches the highest stage of evolution, which is super hero, while the loser will remain dinosaur.
• When you become superhero, you stand in a circle around the other participants. You do a superhero pose while standing in a circle, and loudly sing or hum superhero themes.
• The game is finished when there is only one egg, one grouse and a dinosaur left and everyone else is as superheroes.


• Be sure to instruct the game carefully before you start. Get people to do the different shapes, so that they may better remember them when the game begins.
• Expand the stages where possible. E.g. evolutionary sequence of several stages such as Neanderthal Man or jelly fish.

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