Gammel Ålbo (no. 15)

Ideal for both beginners and experienced divers. Varied seabed with mussel, gravel and many stones, which is nicely overgrown with breadcrumb sponge and sugar kelp and other seaweed species.


How to find: Coming from E45, use exit 65 (Kolding S) and continue towards Kolding. Continue straight ahead until you spot the harbour. Turn right in the crossing at Sønder Bjert and Agtrup. Continue towards Sønder Stenderup. When you reach Sønder Stenderup, turn right towards Gammel Aalbo/Bøgehoved. Continue straight ahead towards Gammel Aalbo campsite.

Longitude: 9.6799038591
Latitude: 55.468164697

Google Earth Coordinates:
Latitude: 55°28'5.50"N
Longtitude: 9°40'49.33"Ø

Getting in and up the water: From the beach and the jetty
Highlights: The many beautifully overgrown rocks. Perfect for snorkeling.
Air filling station: You can get your airbottle refilled Gl. Aalbo Camping - or alternatively at Hindsgavl Camping in Middelfart (open all year round) during opening times: Hindsgavl Camping, or at Fyns Dykkercenter or ask the local diving society in Middelfart, Tel.: +45 3311 1323, Dykkerklubben Marsvinet
Best season: All year round
Dangerous areas: be careful not to go too far out in the belt, the tide can be strong
Depth: 0-20 metres
Tide: can be very strong, please take note
Level of difficulty (1-5): 2-3
Permissions: You can use several of the facilities at Gl. Aalbo Camping for a small fee. Please contact the reception.
Facilities: Toilets, parking space, picnic sets, air filling station, kiosk: towards a fee
Photo opportunities: Ideal opportunity for wide-angle and macro

Gl. Aalbo
The popular dive site Gl Aalbo is visited all year round by divers from Germany, Holland and Denmark. You will find ideal conditions for both beginners and experienced divers. The waters here between Fænø and Jutland offer opportunities to dive to greater depths. One of the deepest places in inner Danish waters is located near Gl. Aalbo - “Hundedybet” with a depth of approx. 82 metres.

Gl Aalbo was formerly a fishing village, today there is a campsite which offers good facilities for divers (including air filling station) and very varied diving. You can use some of the campsite facilities for a small fee. Please contact the reception.

You can enter the water from the beach or from the jetty and it quickly becomes a few metres deep, as the bottom slopes downwards all the way. The first part of the seabed offers beautiful meadows of common eelgrass. After you have gone through this belt in shallow waters, the seabed changes and now consists of mussel, gravel and stones, which is nicely overgrown with breadcrumb sponge and sugar kelp and other seaweed species. The many beautiful stones are the highlight of Gl. Aalbo.

There are good diving experiences all year round, especially when the sun hits the yellow mushrooms and the sugarkelp sways in the weak tide. There can be great opportunities for wide-angle images.

You can often spot cod in small shoals at 7-9 metres depth. Not large cod, but small fish which are entertaining. They are not frightened if you place yourself downstream behind a large rock and feed them with clams. The goldsinny often also comes out from hiding and join the meal.

Occasionally, there have been herring shoals here. The porpoises are also frequent visitors. In the spring you can be lucky to meet the three most abundant seascorpions in a dive. They are often seen around larger rocks, which are a part of making the dive special. They house hiding places for many smaller fish like butterfish, threespine sticklebacks and gobies, but also the eel and viviparous blenny use the rocks as hideaway.

You can find even larger rocks further out in the belt, which are overgrown with even greater seaweeds, plumose anemones and breadcrumb sponge. At the seabed surrounding the large rocks are sea anemones and often are this is the place to meet larger flatfish like flounder and plaice.

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Gl. Ålbovej
6092 Sønder Stenderup


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  • Coordinates

    Longitude : 9.6799038591
    Latitude : 55.468164697