The Gendarm Path

The Gendarm Path is named for the former guards who patrolled the border between Denmark and Germany for many years, and monitored shipping along the coast. The path was patrolled on foot, and each guard had a designated area. The route was comprised of some existing paths to which new extensions across private property were added to complete the present Gendarm Path.

The border guards patrolled the present border from Reunification in 1920 until 1958. The area is now under police jurisdiction.
It is possible to follow the marked path from Padborg to Høruphav ? a wonderful nature walk with a length of app. 74 km.

The path leads through forest and fields, and along the water?s edge, passing historic sights along the way.

In 2015 the path was certified as European Quality Trail - the first of this kind in Denmark.

In the fall 2016 the path was extended from Høruphav to Skovby. This part will be certified in 2018 and is therefore not yet included on the homepage

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