Gl. Havn - The old Marina

Welcome to Gl. Havn

You have arrived in a city under development, which is why you will see that there is ongoing construction work in the area. We aim to keep the interference from this construction to an absolute minimum.  

The area is 20.4 HA and will be under continuous development over the next year. Once the area is completed it will comprise approximately 50% housing, 30-40% business spaces and the remaining 10% is intended for retail and cultural purposes.

If you choose to dock in Gammel Havn, you can experience both the exciting building projects and the many activities and facilities that can be found in the Fredericia C area. See our calendar and read more about urban life in Fredericia C:

Rules for using visitor moorings in Gl. Havn<
Visiting vessels may use the moorings in quays 7 and 8.

Mooring between 8.00 am and 6.00 pm                                                                                          Free

Mooring between 6.00 pm and 8.00 am                                          
0 – 11 m.       DKK 130/17 euro
12 – 16 m.     DKK 170/23 euro      
Over 16 m.    DKK 270/ 36 euro    

Penalty fee for lack of payment                                                                              
DKK 300 /40 euro


Please pay for the use of moorings at Havnegrillen (see map). Payment  must be made in advance. The permit issued upon payment must be placed on the vessel in a visible location, and the receipt must be shown upon request.

Vessels moored in quays 7 and 8 that have not paid, and do not have a valid reason for not paying, will be charged a penalty fee of DKK 300 in addition to the mooring fee.

Other quays (6 - 9) may only be used subject to prior agreement with Fredericia Harbour, which can be contacted on tel. +45 2969 2020


There are showers, toilets and washing machines/dryers available at Sdr. Voldgade 10.
(1 machine wash = DKK 25.                                           1 dryer = DKK 10                Shower = DKK 1 per minute)

Please deposit refuse in the skips provided. Any refuse containing oil must not be thrown in the skips.


Visiting yachtsmen must follow the instructions given by Havnegrillen staff.

In case of problems with access to the toilets or electricity, please contact Havnegrillen on tel. +45 40 30 75 32.


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Gl. Havn
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Longitude : 9.7571394935
Latitude : 55.561449088