Glatved Strand - Djursland - Eastjutland

Glatved Strand
Super beach to fishing with rod, good destination for nature lovers who like to swim, sunbathe, go fishing and hiking. Also divers can get great experiences.
The beach consists of round pebble stones. There is deep water close to shore and the beach is good for people who want a diving tour.
In calm weather, a swim be an adventure for experienced swimmers.
Because of the deep water close to shore, the beach is great for fishing with rod and you can get sea trout, cod, flatfish and garfish hook. Cliffs along the beach has a high content of chalk and is home to unique plants and small animals.

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Destination Djursland



Glatved Strand
8444 Balle


  • Facilities

    • Car park nearby



Longitude : 10.867367
Latitude : 56.303777