Go for a walk at Fredericia Ramparts

The great fortifications, which today form a peaceful and attractive background for the oldest part of Fredericia, were originally built to defend Denmark. At the time, Europe had just been through a long conflict and it became clear that Danmark´s defences would have to be reinforced.

The foundations of the fortress were laid in 1650, a period when town planners believed in an ideal town plan which linked the fortifications closely to the town. Fredericia is one of the very few Danish towns which has been laid out as a fortress town without any previous town or village development on the site.

Today the ramparts, moats, bastions and ravelins form a unique part of the modern town. The defence installations provide the townpark where one can go for walks and enjoy the landscape. However, it is much more than an ordinary townpark, because it is a tangible part of the town´s history.

Opening hours

08/04/2017 - 17/04/2017 Monday - Sunday

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Vester Voldgade
7000 Fredericia


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