Grab it

Grab it! Catch each other's finger.


- Create physical activity 
- Concentration 
- Laugh 


Approximately 5 minutes. 

Best suited for group size:

2 to 200 


Ask participants to stand opposite each other in pairs. 

Round 1: 

• Participant “A” places his flat hand facing participant “B” (as in a "hello"). 
• With his index finger “B” now tries to tap “A”'s palm 5 times without “A” catching “B”’s finger with his hand. 

Round 2: 

• Everything is reversed. “A” must now try to tap “B”'s palm 5 times without getting caught. 

Round 3: 

• Now it gets difficult. Now, “A” and “B” do it simultaneously. 
• “A” and “B” faces each other with one flat hand and one finger. Thus they must try to tap the other's palm, while with the other hand try to avoid being caught by the other person’s palm. 


• If you are not too many, try to form a circle as you wrap up. Do that by asking your participants to turn a flat hand to the right and an index finger to the left. 
• You count to three, and then everyone is trying to tap palms and catch fingers at the same time.

More info about energizers:

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