Grandma's House

Farmorhuset (Grandma's House)

- House of exploration and play

Here you can buy coffee, homemade cakes and lemonade. These refreshments are served in an entertaining and fun way, while the children play with grandma's farm animals or in the sandpit.

Depending on the weather conditions you can either make yourself comfortable indoors in Grandma's little cosy room or enjoy the sun outdoors by the café tables with the red checked tablecloths. If you would like to chat with grandma there is always an opportunity.

If you visit the Goose Tower tasting of goose cakes is a must. They are for sale in Farmorhuset and are eaten in a special way. You can also buy pickled beetroots, a little farmorhus cottage made of stone and many other nice and fun farmors souvenirs.

We are open almost every Saturday and sometimes we enjoy ourselves with painting stones, making trinkets or other things. Several times a year we make bigger arrangements for children and childlike adults in the big yard at Farmorhuset. It is fun and nice and most of the activities are free-because everybody must be able to join in. Grandmothers of all kinds help to create the right atmosphere.

Look at the website to see the dates of the arrangements


You are most welcome in Farmorhuset

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Algade 34
4760 Vordingborg


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    • For the whole family

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    Longitude : 11.904635
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