Grave mound by Rude Strand

Fairly wellhidden in the vacation area of Rude Strand is found a grave mound with stone coffins dating from the early neolithic period around 3.500 BC. Excavations and findings from the mound has shed new light on the complicated and variety of burial tradition in the neolithic period, which is otherwise dominated by burials in cairns and gallery graves. When visiting the stone coffins in Rude can easily be combined with a visit in Norsminde, in order to get a better impression of the bay area as the inhabitants saw it in the neolithic period.
The directions to the grave mound is wellsigned, and the mound itself has an informationboard. Free public access to the mounds. Please park on the small road adjoining Lyngbakkevej

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Langhøj, ved Rude Strand
8300 Odder



Longitude : 10.249264106
Latitude : 55.994131611