Guided tour of Augustenborg

Go on a guided tour of Augustenborg Palace and listen to the story of the Ducal Family while you visit the dukes’ private dining hall, the garden hall and the study, among other places.

We see the corridor exhibition with its various showcases and artefacts from ducal times, the mini museum with its exhibition about the Ducal Family and the lavishly adorned Palace Church that was built so that the ladies of the time could move around in their large dresses.
The tour lasts for 1½ hours.

Guided tours:
July: 2,9,14,16,21,23,28,30.2015
August 6, 13. 2015
October 15. 2015
Starts at 3 pm
Meeting place: the Bell Tower at Slotsallé
Charge: DKK 50
Language: Danish Tuesday+Thursdag
German Wednesday

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