Guldbæk Vineyard

Visit the exciting and beautiful family-run winery in the scenic area near the village Guldbæk in Himmerland.

Guldbæk Vineyard is located in the village Guldbæk, ca. 20 km south of Aalborg. The vineyards are located on south-facing hillsides and overlooking a unique landscape with hills, forests and with grazing horses close up to the vineyards.

Guided tour:
We start in the fields, where we hear about the conditions for growing wine in Denmark and about the different grape varieties.

The winery is expected to be licensed to sell wine in 2012, where also the exciting new winery being built into an existing hill is completed.

Guided tours by appointment.

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Ærtebjergvej 40 B
9230 Svenstrup J




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    Longitude : 9.8147060000
    Latitude : 56.936995