Halsnæs Bikerent

Experience a truly unspoilt haven with a maximum ceiling. Rent Bikes Halsnæs is love of nature, where there is room to discover the romantic spots and room to play and be carried away on the exciting experiences along the way.

Take a route map on one of the four rent places:
Frederiksværk Harbour
Lynæs Harbour
Hundested Harbour-Closed for the winter.
Dyssekilde Station

Deposit dkr 200, -
Rent fee dkr 50, -


1) Frederiksværk Harbour, Havnelinien 23, 3300 Frederiksværk, tel: +4547721190, www.frv-havn.dk

2) Dyssekilde Station, Stationsvej 1, 3390 Hundested, tel: +4551341903

3) Lynæs Harbour, Havnevej 15 b, 3390 Hundested, tel: +4547937007, www.lynaes-havn.dk

4) Hundested Harbour, Amtsvejen 2, 3390 Hundested, tel: +4541786778, www.hundestedhavn.dk

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3390 Hundested

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  • Coordinates

    Longitude : 11.846087396
    Latitude : 55.965345127

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