Harmonika Museet, Brovst

The museum building at Tranum Engevej 250, has one of the largest collections of old functional harmonicas. The exhibition about 1,000 harmonicas. There are many exciting models at the museum- the oldest has played in almost 150 years.

Besides being a place where one can see the older and newer harmonicas the museum is also a meeting place for harmonica players. It is always possible to find someone to play with. Many bring their own harmonica, but most borrows one at the museum.

Dance evening are held each wednesday between 19.00 to 23.00 - Entrance 45, - kr. Incl. coffee

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Tranum Engevej 250
9460 Brovst


+45 98238146



Longitude : 9.611021879965
Latitude : 57.15432810128