Hasmark Badeland

Hasmark Badeland - The water park at Hasmark Strand Camping is the largest water park at a Danish campsite. 
There's an indoor tropical swimming pool and an outdoor swimming pool designed in the Viking style.
Indoors, you will find three swimming pools in different sizes with 30° warm water, two long slides and one short slide.
The exciting outdoor swimming offers action for all ages, and the water is heated up to 28°.
From the pool area you enter Norne, the saunarium, a beautiful world of marble, filled with stories from the Nordic mythology.
In Norne you will find a sauna, a steam cabin and a wonderful spa, to which the stairs are decorated with Thor’s impressive goats.

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Strandvejen 205
5450 Otterup


+45 64826206


  • Facilities

    • Restaurant/Café
    • Mulighed for indkvartering

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  • Coordinates

    Longitude : 10.454747
    Latitude : 55.562814

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