H.C. Andersen Marathon

Six-year-olds eagerly running their first mini-marathon of 4.2 kilometres; excited debutants, who have been training intensively for their first whole or half marathon; experienced athletes, who have been at the starting line more than a hundred times before.

You will meet all of these people in a wonderful atmosphere full of intention to break personal boundaries and live out exercise dreams, when the H.C. Andersen Marathon is on.

The Funen marathon is an adventure for everybody – from the short, fast African, most likely to cross the finishing line first to the last recreational runner, dragging himself onto the grounds of Odense Atletikstadion after nearly six hours on the roads of Odense.

As spectators on the pavement or in the side of the road, you will play an important part in this Funen fairy-tale, since support during the race is invaluable to the runners.

If you wish to experience one of the magic highlights, find a place in the intersection between Kongensgade and Vestergade. Here, the runners pass four times and from the commentator booth, the former elite runner Allan Zachariasen will skilfully guide you through their endeavours.

During the race, lots of activities will take place around Odense Idrætspark.

At the sports centre, you will find a sports fair with lots of great offers on all the gear you cannot live without as a runner, and the children can play at the exciting gymnastic facilities.

The Odense marathon has 15 years behind it, and it has a reputation for being a particularly well-organised race. Furthermore, this is the only European venue where you as a woman can join a half marathon for women only.

H.C. Andersen Marathon is looking forward to welcoming all participants and spectators in Odense.

Opening hours

30/09/2018 - 30/09/2018 Sunday

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